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New PiQue on Tapastic, New Anti-Valentine

New PiQue on Tapastic, New Anti-Valentine published on No Comments on New PiQue on Tapastic, New Anti-Valentine

Politically InQueerect neat freak

The latest Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic. Dee’s getting settled in, and has a disagreement with Todd over whether or not it’s worth it to live with a neat freak.

Speaking of PiQue, as far as the new 36-page story goes, I’m partway through penciling page 25 (pages 24 and 25 are full of very complicated backgrounds and are taking foreverrrrrr). Inked up through page 18. I think once I finish the pencils for page 25 I’m going to take a wee break from penciling to work on the coloring I haven’t started on yet. I’m still hoping to get this thing running in February (probably not Feb. 1, mind, but at some point before the month is done), so I need to get crackin’ on those colors.

Anti-valentines day card

I also have for you a brand new anti-valentine’s day card. This one is for you smartypants types out there, who might like just a little bit of sentiment, but without the saccharine. Here it is on Tumblr for all your reblogging needs.

I might possibly do one more anti-valentine this year, but it remains to be seen. I have the concept, just possibly not the time. At any rate, there are still all the cards from years past, should you require an antidote for this horrible holiday.



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