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New PiQue, and more Beyond teasers

New PiQue, and more Beyond teasers published on No Comments on New PiQue, and more Beyond teasers

Politically InQueerect Alicia

Page 2 of the Dee/Alicia storyline is now up on Tapastic. Thus begins the bit of this story I’ve reworked most extensively, updating the art to reflect more current trends in chat design, and altering the text rather a lot. The original version shall remain here on Studio NDR for the time being. You can go compare ’em and decide for yourself if I’m Lucasizing this story.

Dylan Edwards Beyond Anthology character design AmihanIn the realm of new stuff, I’m currently drawing my way through the billionty character designs I need to work up for my story for the queer sf/fantasy anthology Beyond. The script is in its second draft and is just about ready for storyboarding, I think.

I’m hoping to get a section set up here on Studio NDR to collect the various bits and pieces of my work in progress for Beyond. I cannot, obviously, show you the story itself, as it’s exclusive to the book. But there’s a lot of concept art and backstory that goes into creating a sci-fantasy world, and I think it’d be cool to have that sort of stuff here for people who are process junkies. I’m also posting stuff to Twitter from time to time (@DylanNDREdwards), so follow along if’n ye wish.

First, though, I gotta come up with a name for my story/world besides the current inadequate working title. For some reason, coming up with names is a huge chore for me. So. Gimme a minute or three to get this rolling.



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