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New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB

New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB published on No Comments on New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB

Politically InQueerect 203

And now, it being Wednesday, it is time for your remastered in color Politically InQueerect. Archer is pretty sure this strip is none of your damn business, but you’re gonna read it anyway, aren’t you.

Politically InQueerect bookmarks

Perhaps you would also be interested to learn that I’ve had a mess o’ PIQue bookmarks printed as a promo thing to hand out at shows. Your first opportunity to snag one of these things is this very weekend, April 20-21, at the LA Times Festival of Books, where I will be tabling with Northwest Press. This will be my first time at this show, so I’m excited to see how it goes! It’s FREE, so if you’re in southern California, do make an effort to stop by.

Maybe you’re wondering who that is surrounded by all those bookmarks? She’s a new character that has been fomenting in my mind. Not sure when you’ll get to meet her all proper-like, but I strongly suspect she’s going to turn out to be Dee’s DM. (As in Dungeons and Dragons, not that other thing.) It’s one of those things where, as the mere writer, it’s really not up to me. All I can do is observe and take notes.

Okay? Okay. That’s it. See you next week!



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