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Penultimate PiQue and updated con schedule

Penultimate PiQue and updated con schedule published on No Comments on Penultimate PiQue and updated con schedule

Politically InQueerect Dee

A pregnant pause pervades the penultimate page of our PiQue parable, now up on Tapastic.

Speaking of PiQue, I noticed someone came here from googling “politically inqueerect archer and todd go to england.” When I redesigned this website last year I took that story down since there were no actual finished pages up, just color tests and storyboards. I do plan to start working on it again, though, and will start posting it again once I have final artwork to show.

I’ve also updated my con schedule for pretty much the rest of the year (there are one or two more potential happenings rattling around, but I’ll wait until they firm up). So yes, I will be at SPX and APE, tabling with Northwest Press, and I have a couple of shows where it’s just me and the feeps. It’s gonna be a busy autumn!



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