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New PiQue, and brand new comic in Rocksalt

New PiQue, and brand new comic in Rocksalt published on No Comments on New PiQue, and brand new comic in Rocksalt


Head on over to to read this week’s remastered Politically InQueerect. SHOCKING REVELATIONS in this exciting conclusion to our family visit melodrama! Strife! Disagreement! Sarcastic remarks! NO ONE WILL EVER BE THE SAME.

Next week I shall have for you a brang new Politically InQueerect comic, which will introduce us to two new characters, Sunita and Yuki.

Rocksalt Magazine LogoBut you don’t have to wait all the way until next week for a new comic from me, oh no! For the latest issue of Rocksalt was released this week, and I have an all-new comic featured within. I’ll put said comic up on the site here in a couple of weeks, but for now you can read it in the online version of Rocksalt, or if you’re in Austin (or a certain level of Kickstarter backer from the recent campaign!) you can peep it in the print version of the paper.

Tomorrow I’m off to Providence for NecronomiCon, a Lovecraft-themed convention at which I will be selling my Feeping Creatures itemries. If you’re in the area, you should come! I expect hijinx shall ensue.

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