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The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and downtime?

The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and downtime? published on No Comments on The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and downtime?

politically inqueerect todd

The latest episode of Politically InQueerect is now up on Tapastic. This is originally from The Outfield, in which several PiQue characters had cameos. I’m just pleased this one has come around to being relevant again, what with the Red Sox being the awesomest and the Yankees sucking and all that. Whether the Sox manage to swing a World Series win this year is yet to be determined, but Archer is a bit over-excited nonetheless.

Also, I guess there’s been a certain amount of downtime for Studio NDR lately? I keep getting alert messages to that effect, though it seems to happen overnight for me (which I guess sucks for any Australian readers). I dunno what that’s about. I am honestly just about the world’s worst website administrator, and my eyes lose focus the instant I start to read any technical details of the server thingy thum, so yeah. Sorry. I don’t really have a good solution at this time, owing to the fact that I’m a cartoonist and therefore have no money.

One of the benefits, I guess, of publishing externally on a place like Tapastic … at least somewhere on the internet my cartoons are available!



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