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New Retconned PiQue, plus a sneak peek into Beyond

New Retconned PiQue, plus a sneak peek into Beyond published on No Comments on New Retconned PiQue, plus a sneak peek into Beyond

Politically InQueerect Sunita

Time for this week’s PiQue on Tapastic, in which a younger Sunita (in her retail-workin’ days) has a plan for getting rid of pesky dudes who can’t take a hint.

Okay, so this is something of a retcon. After I came up with the “brand-new” character Sunita, I realized this unnamed woman from an old comic of mine was pretty much identical in personality. The only difference is she’s skinnier. So it’s not that hard to see old-comic Sunita as the younger (think 19-ish) incarnation of current Sunita (who may or may not be pushing 30-ish, who can say?).

Trivia fun time: Archer is essentially a reincarnation of an old D&D character of mine … apparently when I make up a fake person I like to keep ’em around.

concept art for Beyond

In other news, I’m in the midst of crafting a story for Beyond, a queer sci-fi fantasy anthology that’s currently in the works. I’m working away on character designs for my story right now … last night, I sketched out these two ladies. I don’t actually have names for them yet (I have a hard time coming up with names, it turns out),and it’s very likely their outfits will change as I get a better handle on what I want to do about fashion in this world, but for now alls you need to know is LESBIAN SCIENTIST ADVENTURERS. My story will also have non-gendered asexuals, what-if hominids, and other fun stuff, so keep an eye out for further developments.

This is intended as a standalone story for the anthology, though the world and the characters are all featured in my big, epic sci-fantasy book I’ve been writing away on. THAT’S not going to see the light of day for awhile, but it’s been my Big Project Goal for a long time now, so I’m excited to get to work on bits of it for Beyond.



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