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Moar PiQue! Moar Beyond!

Moar PiQue! Moar Beyond! published on No Comments on Moar PiQue! Moar Beyond!

Politically InQueerect Alicia

The latest PiQue is up on Tapastic right this very now. Dee and Alicia’s chat session continues along, and makes some turns down some dark paths.

The dialogue on this page is extensively reworked from the original (I think, I hope, for the better). So even if you’ve read it before, go read it through again. I mean, if you want to. I’m certainly not the boss of you.

Dylan Edwards Beyond Tola character design

I’m getting closer and closer to having all the preliminary character designs for my story for Beyond done. (I say preliminary, because once the actual drawing starts things tend to drift and adapt as necessary.) Anyway, this is a Tola. They are a hominin species indigenous to the Valley where this story takes place (humans, by the way, are NOT indigenous to the Valley – li’l invasive species).

So, like, here on Earth you got yer humans and you got yer apes, and somewhere in between we had for awhile a few different hominin species wandering around. But none of ’em made it to the present day except for us. Well, in my little fantastical science world, we all got separated long enough for some of those other hominin species to establish successful branches of the ol’ evolutionary tree (mind you, not necessarily based on any actual Earth hominin). The Tolas are one of those species.

They’re just as smart as humans, but their different adaptations lead them to express that intelligence differently (like, for instance, no clothes, because why do you need clothes when you’ve got all that fur?).

This character design is not 100% of where I want it to be, but it’s getting very close. EVOLVING, if you will, ha ha.



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