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Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs

Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs published on No Comments on Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs

sexy gay copy editor

So yeah, I finally decided to make a tumblr art blog. Couple reasons:

1. A lot of the artists I keep in touch with via the intertrons are tumbling, so it just makes that aspect of social media easier.

2. I took down a bunch of my sketch stuff when I redesigned this website, because I wanted to slim things down and make the site more manageable (how much I succeeded in that is up for debate). But that does leave a bunch of sketches and random art that have been hidden from the world. Well, no more! They are now being art blogged.

I’ll also post about comic updates and works-in-progress on the ol’ tumb, so follow along if that’s an easier way for you to keep up.

Anyway, this sexy copy editor fellow is one of the arts that I have resurrected for the blog. I don’t know how many people actually do searches for “sexy copy editor,” but if you do, well, here you go.



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