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PiQue Progress Report

PiQue Progress Report published on No Comments on PiQue Progress Report

Politically InQueerect football super bowl

It being Wednesday, it’s time for a new PiQue on Tapastic, naturally. What with some I guess big deal impending sporting event barreling toward us, I figured it was as good a time as any to dust off this ol’ Outfield cartoon. Poor Todd seems to be the only one interested in the big screen over the little one. And it’s shocking, I know, that Archer should show a preference for something he feels he can have some kind of control over.

Politically InQueerect Todd Archer Shrewsbury Tudor architectureMeanwhile, you may wish to know what’s up with the new PiQue story, “Old Ghosts.” Well, I’ll tell you. Finished the pencils for page 25 of 36, and boy did that take forever. Lots of complicated architectural drawings, as per that there thumbnail. So I’m taking a little bit of a break from penciling to get some coloring done. Just finished coloring page 1 last night. And I’ve inked up through page 20, so things are moving right along.

When, you ask, will this story actually start running? I’m going to plow through coloring a few more pages so I have a good buffer before I head back to the pencils. So I’m gonna say right now that Feb 12 is my target start date, though I reserve the right to push that back if necessary. I’d rather start later and go uninterrupted than try to start early and update inconsistently. Ya know?

So that’s where it’s at. NEW STUFF REAL SOON NOW.



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