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Old Ghosts page 20 coalesces from the shadows

Old Ghosts page 20 coalesces from the shadows published on No Comments on Old Ghosts page 20 coalesces from the shadows

Politically InQueerect Old Ghosts Todd

PiQue: Old Ghosts page 20 is up! Todd and Archer discuss the horrors of being haunted by a treacle tart, and the moral ramifications of rampant vegetable slaughter.

Read it here on Tapastic, or here on Studio NDR.

Need to get caught up? The archive of all pages posted to date is here.

In Beyond news, I’m inking away on my story. Got the line work done on 9 out of 16 pages. My plan is to do digital shading on this one, so I’ll be scanning those inks today, that I may begin laying in flats, and then trade off inking and flatting at my whim.

Why digital shading? First of all, it’s a long story, so making sure the tones work together from one page to the next while staying consistent is going to take some tweaking. Easier to do that with digital. Second, the anthology is black & white, but I want the option to do a color version in the future. That’ll be a whole heckuva lot simpler and faster to achieve if I do the B&W version on the compooper. So there you have it. I expect I’ll be posting teasers of in-progress pages over on my tumblr in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.



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