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Old Ghosts page 25 arises from the grave

Old Ghosts page 25 arises from the grave published on No Comments on Old Ghosts page 25 arises from the grave

politically inqueerect old ghosts shrewsbury

Page 25 of Old Ghosts is up! Archer is incorrigible. He will not be corriged! Read it here on Tapastic, or here on Studio NDR.

Need to get caught up? The archive of pages posted to date is here.

Art notes: More backgrounds culled from photos I took. That beige building that looks like a church isn’t actually a church (I think it’s some sort of civic building), and the fenced area isn’t a graveyard IRL. But there are many such graveyards in city centres throughout the UK, and I figured this story needed at least one cemetery.

Shrewsbury is Charles Darwin’s hometown, and the library sports a Darwin statue out front. I do have a picture of said statue, but I didn’t think to use it as a background until it was too late. Still not sure if it would have been a fun detail or an overly heavy-handed image for this story.

Oh, hey, and thanks to everyone who came to the first-ever SDCC panel on trans themes in comics. We had a full house, and a lively discussion that spilled out of the room and continued throughout the convention. I do believe the panel was videotaped, so if it goes up online I’ll let you know. For now, there’s a short write-up on Tor’s website.



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