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Old Ghosts page 31 has escaped its bonds

Old Ghosts page 31 has escaped its bonds published on No Comments on Old Ghosts page 31 has escaped its bonds

politically inqueerect old ghosts archer and gran

Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts page 31 is up! Another foray into Archer’s past, and a lesson in ghost-wrangling from gran. Read it here on Tapastic, or here on Studio NDR.

Need to get caught up? The archive of all pages posted to date is here.

Art notes: the poster in the background apes the style 1940s film posters, though a limited-run theatrical play probably wouldn’t have had anything quite so elaborate.

Also, the British don’t really celebrate Halloween, so the late October dates for a horror-themed production are mostly arbitrary.

If you can manage to get over these egregious historical inaccuracies, there’s a lot of Gran’s story to be gleaned from this page.



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