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Reamstered PiQue and repriced PiQue

Reamstered PiQue and repriced PiQue published on No Comments on Reamstered PiQue and repriced PiQue

Politically InQueerect Archer Rage

First up, the latest of the remastered Politically InQueerect strips from the archive is now up on Tapastic.

This time around, we find out what happens when Archer tries to unwind. THE ANSWER WILL SURPRISE YOU*.

* (Disclaimer: Answer may not actually surprise you.)


Politically InQueerect Old Ghosts Preorder

Turns out the price originally listed for the Old Ghosts print comic was incorrect. It is not $7.99 as previously advertised, but actually merely only $5.99!

Northwest Press has submitted the correction to Diamond. The correction won’t come until after orders for NOV are technically due, but please know that the final list price will in fact be $5.99. If you have further questions, please contact Northwest Press for clarification.



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