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New Taxo Unbo to perk you up

New Taxo Unbo to perk you up published on No Comments on New Taxo Unbo to perk you up

Taxonomically Unbound breakfast puns

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for a new Taxonomically Unbound. A Roasted Development is now up on Tapastic and here on Studio NDR.

Also, my very first Patreon payment is en route, so once that clears I will be sending out rewards to folks who have signed up to receive stuffs in the mail. EXCITEMENT.

Also also, we are approximately six weeks away from the debut of my new queer sci-fi webcomic, Valley of the Silk Sky. MORE EXCITEMENT. I’m midway through the pencils for page 8, which feels like a safe enough amount of padding to be confident about a Jan 14 launch.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sick all week, so now I think it is time to curl up into a ball and watch cartoons and feel sorry for myself.



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