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The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news

The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news published on No Comments on The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news

Politically InQueerect Outfield Dee Rand

Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! part 3 of 5 is now up on Tapastic. This comic originally ran as The Outfield #33 back in the day.

We know Todd & Archer get off on conflict, so it’s no big surprise that a core source of contention for them is the ol’ Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry.

It does beg the question of whether or not Archer chants “Yankees suck” when they’re having sex.

Valley of the Silk Sky Razi pencils

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away on my brand new webcomic, Valley of the Silk Sky, which is scheduled to start on January 14. I’ve got 8 pages of the first book penciled so far. In order to have some of those pages actually, you know, finished in time for a Jan 14 start, I’ve switched over to inking for a bit.

And, of course, there’s the 16-page Silk Sky short story that will be in Beyond. When does Beyond come out, you might be wondering? And the answer is, I don’t know the actual date yet, but it will be early in 2015.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the queer comics world lately about the dearth of stories available to queer youth that are about something other than coming out angst. Not that works dealing with coming out aren’t important, but maybe fun adventures are also important, ya know?

So my intent with Silk Sky is to keep it in the YA range. That’s part of why it’s getting its own website, but also because it’s such a big world with a lot of characters and environments and creatures and whatnot, it’ll just be easier to digest if it has its own space.

I may redesign said space once more before I officially launch, but anyway, that’s what the deal is with that.



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