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Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5

Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5 published on No Comments on Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5

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Another from the archives, as the Johnny Damon reference will attest (he could run really fast, okay?). This comic originally ran as The Outfield #43 on

If you don’t follow baseball at all, the important thing to know here is that baseball fans are stat-obsessed to the point of sometimes drawing meaningless conclusions from the data at hand.

“Jerry” is a reference to Jerry Remy, one of the Red Sox announcers since forever.

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Meanwhile, work progresses on Valley of the Silk Sky, which is set to debut on January 14, 2015. Eight pages penciled, five inked, and one about halfway painted.

Once the series starts it will update regularly on Wednesdays. OR, if you are feeling generous and supportive, you’ll be able to read updates on Mondays over on my Patreon blog by pledging at least a dollar a month. Until then, $1+ pledgers get to see sneak previews of pages in progress.

So! If you can, throw some bones my way and help me keep this webcomic train a-rollin’.



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