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PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

PiQue ends, VoSS begins! published on No Comments on PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

Politically InQueerect Todd hairy chest

Lots of stuff to run through today! This is the last Politically InQueerect post for awhile, but it does feature Todd’s hairy chest, so you can’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

I will obviously babble more about PiQue once the Old Ghosts book is out, but for the foreseeable future my comic energies are bent (har har) towards …

Valley of the Silk Sky p1 bird

Valley of the Silk Sky, which officially debuts today! You have several choices for where to read this series:

  • On the Valley of the Silk Sky website, which is convenient if you’re a Tumblr user. This is also where you’ll go for further VoSS fun like character info, worldbuilding details, publication info, and so forth.
  • I’m also running it on Tapastic for the convenience of people who were already following PiQue over there.
  • And yes, I’m publishing it here on Studio NDR as well.

So! Pick yer favorite, and follow along!



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