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Taxo Unbo today, VoSS emminent

Taxo Unbo today, VoSS emminent published on No Comments on Taxo Unbo today, VoSS emminent

Taxonomically Unbound Devil Fish

The title to this post is hilariously meaningless if you don’t know my wacky shorthand (wackronyms?). Taxo Unbo = Taxonomically Unbound, VoSS = Valley of the Silk Sky.

Anyway, point being, I’ve posted a new Taxonomically Unbound today, and you can read it here on Studio NDR, or here on Tapastic.

Meanwhile, Valley of the Silk Sky is set to start next week! It debuts on Wednesday, January 14 (or on Monday, January 12 for my $1+ Patrons). I made this tiny banner for it, just in case you’re the sort of person who runs a queer webcomic list and wants to add a link:

Valley of the Silk Sky 200x40 banner

As far as overall progress goes, I’m midway through the pencils on page 12, with five pages completely finished, so I’ve got a decent buffer going in. We’ll see if that buffer survives convention season, of course, but I’m gonna try to keep it going uninterrupted.

See you next week with a BRAND NEW COMIC.



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