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The last of the PiQues, the start of something new

The last of the PiQues, the start of something new published on No Comments on The last of the PiQues, the start of something new

The second half of Politically InQueerect’s storyline “Typical” is now up on Tapastic!

Lookit that old CRT monitor. And the excitement over receiving email rather than a sigh of relief over an empty inbox. How times have changed …

… speaking of changing times, that’s about it for PiQue. I do believe I’ve gone through all the old comics at this point. Next week I expect I’ll do a post of random art and sketches and whatnot, stuff you might not have seen. And then the mantle of “comic I am focusing on” will pass to Valley of the Silk Sky, which debuts next week on Wednesday, January 14. Or on Monday, January 12 for my $1+ Patrons.

Interestingly, Politically InQueerect is 15 years old this month. This first comic I ever did for that series was published on my website back in January 2000. 100 pages of comics in 15 years is not a great showing, truth be told. But VoSS already has 27 pages done or penciled before its release, so I think this one will stick a bit better. :)

Sci-fi/fantasy has always really been where my heart is, and over the years it’s gotten harder and harder for me to feel motivated to write about the real world. Like, why do I want to spend my time living vicariously in a workaday office world when I don’t even want to live that in real life? Ya know?

So I’m off to have queer adventures in made-up worlds. Hopefully you’ll stick around for that, but if not, thanks for reading!



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