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Some PiQue and Taxo Unbo to make you groan

Some PiQue and Taxo Unbo to make you groan published on No Comments on Some PiQue and Taxo Unbo to make you groan

Politically InQueerect Archer

This week’s PiQue update on Tapastic has a whopping four pages.

This is the first half of the first multi-page story I’d ever written for Todd & Archer, back in 2003. It definitely shows some of the weaknesses of a first attempt, but Todd’s arc still strikes me as amusing.

I have to say, they’re both exceptionally loathsome in this story. I don’t blame you if you’re overcome with an impulse to smack them. They unquestionably deserve it.

You are like a gnat to me

You also get a new-old Taxo Unbo this week, another perennial favorite (or is that perineum favorite?). This andropomorphic comic includes a bonus horrible pun in the title.

Yes, it’s been a lot of reruns recently, but new work is barreling your way. Next week’s PiQue will wrap with the second half of “Typical,” Taxo Unbo will be a new stinker, and then the week after THAT, on January 14, Valley of the Silk Sky will debut.

So! Stick around for new work in this, the new year.



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