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VoSS – The Long Run page 6

VoSS – The Long Run page 6 published on No Comments on VoSS – The Long Run page 6

Valley of the Silk Sky Razi and Oris

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run page 6 is here, is now. Is dialogue! You want read:

Juuuust in case it’s not obvious from context, that gesture Razi is making in panel 3 is the Pocali equivalent of a middle finger.

Re: clothing: if you’re wearing bright colors you’re probably a merchant. If you’re wearing khaki, you’re probably a runner.

Over on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, I’ll be posting more world-building notes about clothing styles and rude gestures at the end of the chapter. None of that will be required reading for the story, but it’s there for folks who enjoy those sorts of details.

As far as progress on the rest of the story goes, all of the art for chapter 1 is completely finished, and I expect I’ll wrap up the pencils on chapter 2 today. This means the likelihood of having a minicomic of chapters 1 and 2 available at ECCC at the end of March is lookin’ good.



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