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Valley of the Silk Sky page 39, and a PiQue peek

Valley of the Silk Sky page 39, and a PiQue peek published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky page 39, and a PiQue peek

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA SFF webcomic

Page 39 of Valley of the Silk Sky features PERKY ENTHUSIASM and BLOOD. Read all about it here:

For new folks who may have wandered in after reading my Fusion comic on trans representation in media, Valley of the Silk Sky is my queer YA science fiction webcomic that features an all-nonbinary cast and a few trans characters. I post the individual VoSS pages here on Studio NDR (my ancient, creaky website devoted to my art), but I built a whole other website to host All Things Valley of the Silk Sky.

So you’d want to head over there if you’re a nerd for world-building, or want to read up on the cast, or find out more about other VoSS stories in other publications.

As far as where to read the pages, as I said you can read them here on Studio NDR, but this site build is, as I said, old and not very mobile-friendly. If you prefer to read on a tablet or phone, both the Voss tumblr website and the Tapastic page are mobile-friendly. Tapastic is specifically designed for webcomic publishing, so it has several nifty features for your reading pleasure, like place-holding and new page alerts.

Politically InQueerect cameo in Transposes

Speaking of Tapastic, I started adding some Politically InQueerect cameos to the PiQue archive there. The most recent post is from Transposes, where Archer, Todd, and Dee show up as faces in a crowd. See the page in question here, and read the “more” stuff at the bottom for further trivia.

Finally, to any new readers, you can buy Transposes and Politically InQueerect comics from my publisher, Northwest Press. And you can read a 16-page standalone Valley of the Silk Sky story in the Beyond Anthology. Neat!

Anyway, see you next Wednesday for the latest VoSS installment!



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