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Beyond gets a Lammy nom! VoSS progress report!

Beyond gets a Lammy nom! VoSS progress report! published on No Comments on Beyond gets a Lammy nom! VoSS progress report!

Beyond Anthology queer science fiction and fantasy comics

Just got word yesterday that the Beyond Anthology is a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Anthology! Great news to hear, and big congrats to the editors, Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts, as well as all the other contributors, for making such an excellent book.

The print book is sold out of the online store, so if you’ve been meaning to grab it, be aware! (Obviously the digital edition is still available.) Some shops will still have copies in stock, and I’ll be selling Beyond at my next couple of conventions: I definitely expect to have books for Anomaly Con and Emerald City.

After that, no guarantees. I don’t have any information at this time on a reprint, though I believe it’s part of the plan.

Valley of the Silk Sky The Long Run Part One

As for Valley of the Silk Sky, don’t forget you can now buy a hi-res PDF of Part One of The Long Run. Read offline! Zoom in on the art and look at all the little bitty details! Help support indie artists with dollars! EXCITEMENT. (No word yet on the ComiXology edition, though I wouldn’t expect to hear anything for another couple-few weeks.)

Yes, yes, fine, you say, but WHAT OF PART TWO. Well, I’m about halfway through penciling Chapter 6, so it’s humming along. Still looking to start running sometime in April. I’m posting work-in-progress peeks and other art to my Patreon for $1+ backers, so if you wanna keep up with the goings on, that’s the place to be. Again, your dollars help support indie artists, etc.

Last bit of news, I totes forgot to post a link to this Unicorn Booty article/interview about Valley of the Silk Sky. A little something else to read while you wait!



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