Valley of the Silk Sky page 70 is just behind that bush

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi fantasy comic

VotSS page 70? Point your eyeballs hither and/or thither:

MEANWHILE. I will be at the ol’ Emerald City Comic Book Symposium this weekend, March 2-5, tabling with Northwest Press once again. You can find us at booth 1719.

I will have a NEW MINICOMIC by jiminy:

QAT Person issue 2 cover

This one contains my trans/ace comic what was published on The Nib last year, and also this one from PEN America, and a couple of sketch comics about my trip to a trans bar in Japan.

Anyhow, ECCC will mark the debut of this mini, so this is your first chance to snag it. I urge you to do so!



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