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The Outfield collection is now available!

The Outfield collection is now available! published on No Comments on The Outfield collection is now available!

The Outfield queer sports comic

As teased a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a print book collection of all my old Outfield comics, and that collection is now available! I have it in three formats:

Also, as previously intimated, I’ve taken the old web archive offline. Most of those files were prepped in the days before HD monitors and were difficult to read on modern screens. In addition, the format used to create the archive is out-of-date and will break when I upgrade my website, so it had to come down anyway.

But that’s why I put together the free web res PDF – all the comics are still available for free, and the web res PDF is still better quality than the old online archive.

ANYWAY. Go forth and grab whichever format appeals to you the most!



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