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And now, page 73 of Valley of the Silk Sky

And now, page 73 of Valley of the Silk Sky published on
Valley of the Silk Sky The Long Run
Page 73

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another installment of Valley of the Silk Sky. Page 73 is now up, and you can read it here:

Since everyone knows teenagers always make good decisions, you can expect the next page to be the final page of the book. It just says, “And then everything turned out fine. The End.”

SPEAKING OF EVERYTHING TURNING OUT FINE: As I posted on Tuesday, I believe the redesign for Studio NDR is basically done. I’m sure I will find stray bits and pieces that need to be fixed/improved, but these should (in theory) be minor corrections.

So please do have a look around. I added a bunch of comics that hadn’t been collected on here before, and streamlined the content to focus on stronger, more recent work.



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