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Valley of the Silk Sky page 74 awaits you

Valley of the Silk Sky page 74 awaits you published on

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi comic

Want to read page 74 of Valley of the Silk Sky? You got choices:

This page references some stuff from chapter 1, so if it’s been awhile since you read it, pages 12 and 13 can help you out.

In other VotSS news, I’m about halfway through the pencils for chapter 9. Oh yes! I’m taking advantage of this quiet time of year to pad the ol’ buffer as much as possible.

Also, if I’m to hit my goal of having the Part Two book out by mid-April, I’ll need to have all the art done by end of February at the latest. I believe this is doable, I just have to knuckle down and draw draw draw.

Finishing chapters 9 and 10 will give me a buffer of weekly page updates through about July (this assumes a couple of breaks between chapters to post updates to the Appendicies on the VotSS website, for the edification of world-building nerds such as myself.

Finally, I just wanted to point out a new feature on this here website. Over in the right-hand column (which gets pushed below the main content on mobile), you will now see a “Newest Comic” widget that shows the most recent page I’ve added. This is a quick and easy way to jump to the latest installment of VotSS.

Anyhow, back to work on making more of those installments. See you next week!



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