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SHOCKING REVELATION on Valley of the Silk Sky page 77

SHOCKING REVELATION on Valley of the Silk Sky page 77 published on

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky page 77 is up, and it reveals a heretofore hidden aspect of one of the main characters. You will reel, you will groan. Read on, if you dare:

In chapter 9 news, I finished inking and started coloring, and did … something? … to my hands in the process. I don’t know what, exactly.

My best guess is that the brush I was using to paint some of the bits (not my usual brush) has a handle that’s too slender to be ergonomic. So something or other in there got over-exerted from a too-tight grip, and now it hurts to hold a pen/pencil/brush/etc. So I’m going to try resting and stretching and see if that helps.

I don’t know what this will do to the schedule as far as getting the Part Two book put together. It’ll depend on how long it takes to get my hands back in working order. At the moment it’s still feasible to hit the mid-April target for a DiNK debut, but I may end up pushing that back if necessary.

TL;DR: bodies suck and I want to be a cyborg already.

Anyhow, that doesn’t affect the serialization of chapter 8, so see you next week for the next page!



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