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Valley of the Silk Sky page 76 stops in; also: convention news!

Valley of the Silk Sky page 76 stops in; also: convention news! published on

Valley of the Silk Sky queer sci fi webcomic

Chapter 8 continues, and page 76 awaits your eyeballs! Read it here:

Speaking of Patreon, a couple of things:

I now have page updates set to early access, which means $1+ Patrons get exclusive access to them on Monday. On Thursday, the post goes public. (Note: This doesn’t apply to all the posts I make on Patreon, just finished comic pages. Things like work-in-progress posts will stay behind the paywall.)

That particular post has some additional details about eating habits in the Valley, so check it out if you’re curious.

Even if you don’t pledge, you can still follow creators and see their public posts. So if it’s convenient for you, feel free to follow me on there and get updates that way. The “follow” button is on the left under the total pledge widget.

As for convention news: I got into TCAF! I will have my own table this time around, up on the second floor. I’m very excited to return to Toronto and one of the best indie comics shows in all the land.

I’m working on lining up a couple of local events for February and March, and will post when I have more info.

As ever, you can keep track of all my convention appearances on the Appearances page.

Until next week,


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