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Valley of the Silk Sky page 81, and Secret Loves of Geeks news

Valley of the Silk Sky page 81, and Secret Loves of Geeks news published on

Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky page 81 is up, and it contains both hijinks AND ensuement. Read here:

In other VotSS news, I finished painting chapter 9, which means I have a whole entire chapter done before I’ve even finished publishing the current one. TRULY, IT IS A CRISPNESS MIRACLE.

Now I just gotta complete chapter 10 and the cover, and I’ll have all the material ready for The Long Run part 2 book. I’m aiming for a TCAF debut, so let’s see how things go, eh?


Secret Loves of Geeks Dark Horse

The Secret Loves of Geeks is now out from Dark Horse Comics!

The book has been getting a lot of very positive reviews already, so that’s exciting. I honestly can’t keep track of ’em all, but here’s a good comprehensive review/interview from the Nerdist.

Anyway, you can snag it right now from yer local comic shop or bookstore. I also left a couple posters at the Denver Public Library, and it sounded like the librarians were going to make sure they had the book in circulation. So, like, you can hit up yer local library, too. Neat!

Also, there’s the upcoming signing at Mutiny Information Cafe on Feb 21 if you’re in Denver. What time is it happening, you ask? Um. I’m not sure! Ha ha. I’ll have to find out.




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