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QAT Person #3 now available for pre-order

QAT Person #3 now available for pre-order published on
QAT Person number 3 queer asexual transgender autobio comics

Back in the Beforetimes, I was planning to debut the newest issue of my autobio minicomic series at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May.

TCAF is canceled, of course, but I decided to go ahead and put the comic together anyway. I’ve arbitrarily set a release date of May 1, and have set up a preorder listing for the book, should you desire such a thing.

QAT Person #3 collects the latest batch of my autobio comics on queer, asexual, and trans identity.

“Ace Pilot” posits an asexual headcanon for Luke Skywalker. “Two’s Cabin” recounts the author’s adventure at a trans guy bar in Tokyo. “Banned Books” takes a look at censorship of queer media (and Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME in particular). “Trans Potty” offers a humorous take on bathroom troubles for trans guys.

Snag yourself a copy right here:

Buy QAT Person #3 Minicomic



Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced!

Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced! published on No Comments on Secret Loves of Geeks anthology officially announced!

Secret Loves of Geeks Dark Horse

This has finally been officially announced! Dark Horse is publishing a new Secret Loves anthology, edited by Hope Nicholson, wherein we all reveal our embarrassing secrets about our nerdy passions.

I have a short story in there about my love for Luke Skywalker, despite his hopeless uncoolness, my headcanon of him as asexual, and how he factors in my earliest glimmerings of transness.

More deets on the anthology on the other end of this link.

There are tons of amazing creators in the book:

Margaret Atwood!
Patrick Rothfuss!
Hope Larson!
Sfé R. Monster!
Becky Cloonan!
(including me!)

It’s set for release in February 2018, so PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Secret Loves of Geeks Star Wars Ace Pilot teaser



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