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PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS

PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS published on No Comments on PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS

Politically InQueerect Archer

Oscar Wilde and Marquess of Queensberry

Misspent Youth


So yeah, I guess I just flat out spaced on updating here? It’s all reruns anyway; I figured it being the holidays basically no one would be paying attention.

NEVERTHELESS, here’s what I’ve posted on Tapastic and Tumblr since last time: Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 5 of 5, Taxonomically Unbound: The Wilde Adventures of Oscar Wilde, and Taxonomically UnBound: Misspent Youth.

A big part of the cause for my distraction (besides the requisite holiday season madness) has been working on getting Valley of the Silk Sky ready for the January 14 debut. That means finishing pages for the buffer (two done so far, about a third of the way through coloring page 3), and making the website usable.

I installed a new theme on the VoSS site that’s more webcomic-friendly, but that does mean I basically have to redo a bunch of the design. So yeah. DISTRACTIONS. And I want to get a little more content up before the comic actually starts. Will that happen? Why knows? Getting pages done is the main priority.

Anyway, sorry for being a rerun-posting flake, but new stuff is headed your way in just over two weeks!



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