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Dammit, H. G. Wells!

Dammit, H. G. Wells! published on No Comments on Dammit, H. G. Wells!

Beyond anthology Dylan Edwards teaser art

More Beyond teaser pencils. I’ve drawn up through page 10 of 16, so we’re gettin’ there. I might be having too much fun with the facial expressions. Maybe. And with these characters in general.

I have to ditch my original working title because it turns out that jerkbag H. G. Wells STOLE my title and used it for a story he published several decades before I was born. INCONSIDERATE. New working title is Valley in the Sky. So far it doesn’t appear to be in use by a famous dead author, but can we trust a man who seems to know an AWFUL LOT about time machines???

After I finish this story for Beyond, the plan is to go back and wrap up the art on PiQue: Old Ghosts. And THEN I’ll start working on some webcomics for VitS, such that, by the time Beyond comes out, there will already be some additional stories in that universe for people to read. I have the script mostly done for the next story, so I feel like this is a realistic goal. Yezz indeed.



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