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PiQue: Old Ghosts page 2 is up!

PiQue: Old Ghosts page 2 is up! published on No Comments on PiQue: Old Ghosts page 2 is up!

Politically InQueerect Todd exasperated

Old Ghosts page 2 is up, on Tapastic and here on Studio NDR.

Who WOULDN’T want to sit next to Archer on a plane for seven hours?

Trivia for this page: my grandfather, who smoked for 40 years, gave up the habit only under duress. He would never hesitate to tell you how “those doctors” had “made” him quit smoking, as though the two heart attacks had nothing to do with it. (He lived to be 96.) So I borrowed a bit of that bluster for Archer’s own “you made me quit” narrative.

Need to get caught up? Here’s the archive of all pages posted to date.

Tune in next week for more UNSTOPPABLE EXCITEMENT.



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