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Valley of the Silk Sky page 13

Valley of the Silk Sky page 13 published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky page 13

queer YA science fiction webcomic Valley of the Silk Sky

VoSS page 13 has groggily stumbled out of bed and is now available for your viewing pleasure:

Many of the merchants setting up shop in the markets here are from one of the upper provinces, bringing down goods (especially food items) that are not otherwise easily available in Muru.

I used to do a lot of outdoor art fairs myself, getting up at zero o’clock to set up the EZ-Up tent and all the wares, so I feel for those merchants having to be up so early.

In other VoSS news, you still have just over a week to back the Beyond Anthology Kickstarter! So much queer comic goodness contained within. How can you resist?

Finally, check back on Friday for a new Taxonomically Unbound. The comics, they just keep a-comin’.



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