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Two Taxos, and HAVENCON gosh darnit

Two Taxos, and HAVENCON gosh darnit published on No Comments on Two Taxos, and HAVENCON gosh darnit

Taxonomically Unbound pun webcomic

Taxonomically Unbound pun webcomic

Got two Taxonomically Unbound comics up today, since I apparently didn’t manage to get one posted last week (travel + convention madness are to blame). But they’re up now and you can read them here and here.

They’re also on Tapastic here and here, if that’s your preferred delivery method.

Finally, don’t forget that I’ll be at HavenCon in Austin, TX this weekend! That’s April 4-5 at the Holiday Inn Midtown. Come for queer comics and other LGBTQIA geekery!



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