STAPLE! this weekend, New Threadless store, and a shout-out from Buzzfeed

Feeping Creatures Caterpillar enamel pinFeeping Creatures Catstronaut Cat Astronaut enamel pin








I’ll be returning to the STAPLE! Independent Media Expo for the first time in 4 years! It’s happening this weekend, September 9-10, in good ol’ Austin, Texas.

This will be the convention debut of my new enamel pins, the Caterpillar and the Catstronaut, so come snag ‘em while they’re hot! (Or if you can’t make it to STAPLE, you can buy them online in my Etsy store.)

Feeping Creatures on Threadless

MEANWHILE. I have set up a Feeping Creatures Threadless shop for all your POD monster needs. Shirts, bags, phone cases, shower curtains! All kinds of fun stuff. Click on an image to see all the different designs associated with it.

I need a new phone case anyway, and am thinking I might go with the Toxoplasmoids version. I mean, why NOT cover your phone in adorable bacteria.

Finally, I got a shout-out in this Buzzfeed listicle of 28 Trans, Queer, and Nonbinary comic creators. Check it out, because there’s a TON of amazing artists in there.

Okay, gotta go get ready to head to the airport. Upon my return, it’s back to penciling chapter 8 of Valley of the Silk Sky!



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