New comic up on The Nib – Banned Books; CXC this weekend

The Nib Banned Books Dylan Edwards Alison Bechdel Fun Home

I have a new comic up on The Nib, as part of their Banned Books feature. Be sure to check out all six comics, with a bunch of different artists discussing their fave banned books!

As you can see, I elected to talk about Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. When I was working on Transposes, I studied FH closely for tips on how to put together a compelling non-fiction narrative.

Before that, Dykes to Watch Out For was a big influence on my own early attempts at an ensemble cast comic, namely Politically InQueerect. While PiQue eventually went more in a traditional comic format direction, you can see in the early strips where I basically just lifted the D2WO4 format.

Anyway, thanks to Alison for being a big inspiration, and to The Nib for giving me a platform to talk a little bit about her awesomeness.

ALSO: I will be at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus this weekend, Sept. 30 – Oct. 1. I am not actually sure what my table assignment is? But I will definitely be there and you should find me and buy a bunch of comics. Yep.



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