The Outfield collection in the works, and a complete website overhaul

The Outfield LGBTQ queer sports comic by Dylan Edwards

Now that convention season is over for me for the next few months, my goal is to redesign my website at long last, a task that has needed to get done for many a year.

At the moment, my site is more of an archaeological dig, less of a usable portfolio. I don’t even have my more recent award-winning comics on here because I don’t know where to put them amidst the clutter. So I’m going to remove all the series I no longer update, and archive them in one fashion or another.

In the case of The Outfield, the comics will be made available as a $20 POD print book, a $5 high-res PDF, and a free low-res PDF.

I’ve finished setting up the Outfield book in InDesign, and it’s currently awaiting approval to go to proof at CreateSpace. Once I have the proof and have confirmed there are no corrections, I’ll make it available for sale. $1+ Patreon subscribers will automatically get a copy of the high-res PDF.

I’m planning on a November release for the Outfield book, so stick it on yer calendar.

As to when all this stuff gets yanked offline here, I don’t know yet. I’m still giving thought to how I want to arrange things. I’m also probably going to have to change my WordPress theme, since the one I’ve been using isn’t maintained and is broken as fuck. Fun!

But I expect what I’ll do is wipe the whole thing clean, and then add things back as I deem them worthy. I’ve been making comics for 17 years now, and it’s past time to bring some focus to my body of work.



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