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Politically InQueerect Transposes cameo

PiQue Pieces: Transposes cameo

PiQue Pieces: Transposes cameo published on Purchase

Todd and Archer make a cameo appearance in the first page of Blake’s chapter from Transposes.

The final printed version of this page is in grayscale. This is what the page looks like in full color (shaded with a mix of cool gray Prismacolor marker and ink wash).

Transposes Cal gay trans man comic

Transposes: Cal – page 3

Transposes: Cal – page 3 published on No Comments on Transposes: Cal – page 3Purchase

I don’t know if it still exists, but “Trannyfags” was an actual email list primarily for queer-identified trans guys. A few cis men would hang out as well, but the membership was overwhelmingly trans.

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