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The Weekly PIQue

The Weekly PIQue published on No Comments on The Weekly PIQue

Politically InQueerect

The latest remastered-in-color Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic! The party is back together, Dee meets Rand, and Archer continues to be Archer.

I have a nagging feeling there was something else I was supposed to mention in my update today, but WHAT. The coming invasion of the Chickenbears and the world’s subsequent plunge into darkness? No, you already knew about that and have long since prepared, clever reader that you are. Welp, I guess if it comes back to me I’ll just update this here post.

Until whenever,


Wednesday PIQue madness ensues!

Wednesday PIQue madness ensues! published on No Comments on Wednesday PIQue madness ensues!

Politically InQueerect 208

Onward with our freshly colorized story. I think this part of the story in particular benefits from being in color, since otherwise the club sequence is a lot of dark in front of a lot of other dark. Also, we get to see more clearly that Todd is at least trying to play along by wearing a black outfit, whereas Archer is having none of it and is going in civilian clothes as a form of protest. View the results at this very link.

Meanwhile, I’m coloring away on my TransTransformers short story for QU33R. Haven’t scanned anything yet, so I don’t have anything to show you at this very moment, but I’m hoping to finish it up by the weekend. So. With any luck, next week I can give you a little sneak preview of a finished page.

I also just yesterday was interviewed about Transposes for the Comic Book Queers podcast. The episode isn’t up yet, but when it is I shall let you know. Now, back to work!



It’s Wednesday, it’s PIQue time

It’s Wednesday, it’s PIQue time published on No Comments on It’s Wednesday, it’s PIQue time

Politically InQueerect

The Politically InQueerect remastering project proceeds apace! Longtime readers will note that I changed a tiny bit of dialogue in this one: the Hip-Top is now an iDrone.

I have decided it’s a mistake to mention any kind of specific, real-life technology in your story if your goal is to convey the state-of-the-artness of said tech. Unless you’re trying to recreate a bygone era, e.g., “Whoa, check out the awesome graphics on this Amiga!” to emphasize that a story is set in the mid-1980s. Of course, in due time even the iDrone will seem dated, as the tech it references is replaced by newer and shinier. It’s possible that for the eventual book collection I’ll revert to the original Hip-Top; the main reason I changed the name of the device at all is because many people are discovering this comic for the first time via the Tapastic postings, and there are probably readers who were born after the Hip-Top became obsolete. But I think most people will get what an “iDrone” is supposed to be even after its referents fade into oblivion, whereas the Hip-Top/Sidekick never really had that level of name recognition, so its mention in the story will just draw a befuddled, “Huh?”

Even so, the fact that Todd does not already have an iDrone 5 (to replace his 12 previous iterations of iDrone and his brief fling with the Windoze phone) is out of character for him, and thus far I have not managed to fabricate a decent explanation for the inconsistency. Maybe if I just don’t tell anyone, no one will notice!

The PIQue Remastering Project continues!

The PIQue Remastering Project continues! published on No Comments on The PIQue Remastering Project continues!

Politically InQueerect

New comic day! In which a perfectly cordial exchange of ideas ensues, and no thoughts of murder are entertained. Clicken zie link for to read.

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who came by the Northwest Press booth at the LA Times Festival of Books. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all. It was pretty busy there, with not a lot of down time, but somehow Jon Macy and I still managed to stage an art battle. The results are below, and are a testament to the fact that you should not leave mostly blank white paper in the company of artists

(Apologies to Samuel James Finch, who I guess left his zine at the booth at some point; I did actually read it and your stuff was actually good, I just … WHITE PAPER NOM NOM NOM.)


New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB

New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB published on No Comments on New PIQue, New Bookmarks, and LATFoB

Politically InQueerect 203

And now, it being Wednesday, it is time for your remastered in color Politically InQueerect. Archer is pretty sure this strip is none of your damn business, but you’re gonna read it anyway, aren’t you.

Politically InQueerect bookmarks

Perhaps you would also be interested to learn that I’ve had a mess o’ PIQue bookmarks printed as a promo thing to hand out at shows. Your first opportunity to snag one of these things is this very weekend, April 20-21, at the LA Times Festival of Books, where I will be tabling with Northwest Press. This will be my first time at this show, so I’m excited to see how it goes! It’s FREE, so if you’re in southern California, do make an effort to stop by.

Maybe you’re wondering who that is surrounded by all those bookmarks? She’s a new character that has been fomenting in my mind. Not sure when you’ll get to meet her all proper-like, but I strongly suspect she’s going to turn out to be Dee’s DM. (As in Dungeons and Dragons, not that other thing.) It’s one of those things where, as the mere writer, it’s really not up to me. All I can do is observe and take notes.

Okay? Okay. That’s it. See you next week!



It’s Wednesday, it’s PIQue time!

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Politically InQueerect 202

Yes indeed, time for a remastered-in-color PIQue strip, in which Todd introduces Dee to Archer, and absolutely nothing goes wrong. Read it here on Tapastic.


As I go back through these, I find myself giving some additional thought to the psychology of the various characters. I don’t think Archer is generally actively hostile to every new person he meets. I’d kind of like to do a prequel strip for this episode (not soon, mind you; more like for the eventual book collection) that gives a little more insight. Todd, the extrovert, springs on Archer that morning, “Oh, by the way, my cousin’s coming to visit. I guess she’ll maybe stay with us? Oh yeah, and she’s pretty liberal, so maybe don’t talk about politics. Welp, see ya later, bye!” And Archer, who is totally not an extrovert, is mad at Todd for not discussing this first, and ends up transferring that irritation to Dee. This doesn’t make Archer’s reaction justifiable, but not entirely out-of-the-blue, either.

This week’s remastered PIQue on Tapastic

This week’s remastered PIQue on Tapastic published on No Comments on This week’s remastered PIQue on Tapastic

Politically InQueerect 201 thumb

It’s Wednesday, and that means a new Politically InQueerect episode on Tapastic. This is the main storyline from issue #2, remastered to be in full color (and more easily readable on modern monitors). It’s a good starting place for new readers, so jump in if you haven’t taken the plunge. And even if you have, please do feast your eyeballs upon the colorized version.

Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic

Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic published on No Comments on Politically InQueerect now on Tapastic

Politically InQueerect

I’ve started publishing Politically InQueerect as a weekly webcomic over at Tapastic. Initially this will consist of existing strips (though some, like today’s offering, are remastered to be in color and to be easier to read on ::cough:: modern HD screens). Eventually, if all goes according to plan (and when does it not?), this will segue into brand-new content.


I’ve also set up a Politically InQueerect Facebook page so you can keep abreast of developments in yer FB feed. Pop over and give ’em a “like” if you like.

Like Politically InQueerect on Facebook

PIQue will post every Wednesday on Tapastic. This is a great way to rediscover the series, or to get a friend hooked. Please share with your pals, and see you next Wednesday!



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