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Valley of the Silk Sky: “The Long Run” page 3 – A PROTAGONIST EMERGES

Valley of the Silk Sky: “The Long Run” page 3 – A PROTAGONIST EMERGES published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky: “The Long Run” page 3 – A PROTAGONIST EMERGES

Valley of the Silk Sky Razi

Check back next week to find out whether or not xe* got eaten already.

Where can you see this frabjuous page?

* Quick note about pronouns: I expand on this more in the VoSS FAQ, but the TL;DR version is that cultures of the Pocalo Valley don’t have a concept of gender per se, so they don’t have gendered pronouns.

Whatever your physical body may be (and they know there are more than two possible configurations), that carries no expectations regarding your social behavior or your abilities.

VoSS – The Long Run page 2

VoSS – The Long Run page 2 published on No Comments on VoSS – The Long Run page 2

Valley of the Silk Sky

With page 2 of Valley of the Silk Sky, our aerial survey of the valley continues. The settlement on the lower right is called Duvane, and there’s a reason it’s not on the ground. Not that the sky is a whole lot safer, it would seem.

So many choices of where to see the page!

Progress report on the rest of the story: I’ve been nailing down the script for the rest of the book. Chapters 1-3 were already scripted and thumbnailed, and while I knew what happened for the rest of it, now it’s a matter of getting all the bits in order and formally set out. For instance, I now know there will be seven chapters total plus an epilogue. I don’t have a final page count yet, but I’m guessing it’ll come in at around 120 pages, give or take.

Chapter 1 pencils are finished, and I’m most of the way through the inks for page 10. Once the inking is wrapped up, it’ll be back to coloring.

I’m hoping to have a little minicomic of chapter 1 available for sale at ECCC. At this rate I should have all the pages done in time to get something printed up. This is mostly for promo, probably not going to print each chapter individually. Though I do very much hope to have a print book of the whole story once it’s complete.

So! That’s the status of things. Tune in next week for an actual PROTAGONIST.



PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

PiQue ends, VoSS begins! published on No Comments on PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

Politically InQueerect Todd hairy chest

Lots of stuff to run through today! This is the last Politically InQueerect post for awhile, but it does feature Todd’s hairy chest, so you can’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

I will obviously babble more about PiQue once the Old Ghosts book is out, but for the foreseeable future my comic energies are bent (har har) towards …

Valley of the Silk Sky p1 bird

Valley of the Silk Sky, which officially debuts today! You have several choices for where to read this series:

  • On the Valley of the Silk Sky website, which is convenient if you’re a Tumblr user. This is also where you’ll go for further VoSS fun like character info, worldbuilding details, publication info, and so forth.
  • I’m also running it on Tapastic for the convenience of people who were already following PiQue over there.
  • And yes, I’m publishing it here on Studio NDR as well.

So! Pick yer favorite, and follow along!



Yer weekly PIQue

Yer weekly PIQue published on No Comments on Yer weekly PIQue

Politically InQueerect Dee

Our tale of high school reminiscences soldiers on: Dee makes a joke to defuse a rather tense conversation, and is met with chat silence … DUN DUN DUN.

Also, just in case you missed it, I started a new tumblr for my comics and art stuffs. In addition to the sorts of things you’d read about here (new comics postings, show information, etc.), I’ll also be using the tumblr to post random art of mine like sketches and whatnot. AND, I will occasionally post examples from my collection of old, obscure, out-of-print comics of yore … things I think might be interesting or relevant to people who follow what I do.



Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs

Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs published on No Comments on Oh, look, a tumblr blog for my art stuffs

sexy gay copy editor

So yeah, I finally decided to make a tumblr art blog. Couple reasons:

1. A lot of the artists I keep in touch with via the intertrons are tumbling, so it just makes that aspect of social media easier.

2. I took down a bunch of my sketch stuff when I redesigned this website, because I wanted to slim things down and make the site more manageable (how much I succeeded in that is up for debate). But that does leave a bunch of sketches and random art that have been hidden from the world. Well, no more! They are now being art blogged.

I’ll also post about comic updates and works-in-progress on the ol’ tumb, so follow along if that’s an easier way for you to keep up.

Anyway, this sexy copy editor fellow is one of the arts that I have resurrected for the blog. I don’t know how many people actually do searches for “sexy copy editor,” but if you do, well, here you go.



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