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Service Advisory

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As I said, this place is not 100% finished. I am still puttering around behind the scenes, trying to fix up this and that, cosmetically improve thus and such. Occasionally my “fixes” are spectacularly awry and I break something, or everything. Did you know if you select a different permalink structure from the one you built the site with, the whole thing goes into the toilet? And if you try to edit the .htaccess file when you have no idea what you’re doing and don’t even really know what an .htaccess file is, the whole thing takes the toilet with it on its way down?

I guess my point is, bear with me. Hopefully any major breakages will be repaired in short order. But if something seems broken for days on end, let me know as I may not have noticed I’d knocked it over.

Also, believe it or not, I’m actually working on some new art. It’s for a Thing, so I have to find out if I can post it here before the Thing. And in a mere two weeks it’ll be time for Comikaze Expo, at which I will (I hope!) have copies of Transposes officially for sale. More deets, obviously, as the date approaches.

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