Posts from September 2013

The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and downtime?

The latest episode of Politically InQueerect is now up on Tapastic. This is originally from The Outfield, in which several PiQue characters had cameos. I’m just pleased this one has come around to being relevant again, what with the Red Sox being the awesomest and the Yankees sucking and all that. Whether the Sox manage to swing a World Series

This week’s PiQue: An Official Statement on Rand’s Gender

The newest remastered Politically InQueerect is now up on Tapastic, and it seeks to answer a burning question: what IS Rand’s gender identity, anyway? Well, NOW YOU KNOW. So! SPX was awesome. It was my first experience of this particular con, and I really had a blast. I am pretty worn out from it (my travel to and from was

Two new comics and an art! And SPX!

Gosh, so much stuff this week. Let’s begin with this week’s Politically InQueerect offering on Tapastic, in which we buck the stereotype of the lesbian jock, and catch up with a few non-sporty Sapphics. This was originally an Outfield cartoon with a cameo from Dee, which I’ve recolored for this incarnation. I also had to change the text rather extensively

New PiQue on Tapastic and here at home

In this week’s remastered Politically InQueerect, Todd and Archer argue about a spatula. No, wait! Come back! I promise, it’s funny. It is actually kinda funny, for me at any rate, to figure out what kind of decorating sense these guys have. The house is not particularly done to Archer’s taste, since he’d prefer to live in a sterile white