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VoSS world-building week

VoSS world-building week published on No Comments on VoSS world-building week

Valley of the Silk Sky LGBTQIA science fiction webcomic

As mentioned previously, in between Valley of the Silk Sky chapters I post world-building info for your nerding-out pleasure over on the VoSS website. I don’t post them here on Studio NDR, as this site is already a cluttered nightmare. It is not necessary to read these to follow the story. But, let me assure you, they are VERY INTERESTING INDEED.

If you are The Sort of Person Who is Into That Kind of Thing, click the link to learn more about the most dangerous living thing in all of Pocalo.

Chapter 2 starts next Wednesday, April 29! (Or Monday, April 27 if you’re a Patron on Patreon.)



Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5

Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5 published on No Comments on Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 4 of 5

politically inqueerect todd archer baseball

Another from the archives, as the Johnny Damon reference will attest (he could run really fast, okay?). This comic originally ran as The Outfield #43 on

If you don’t follow baseball at all, the important thing to know here is that baseball fans are stat-obsessed to the point of sometimes drawing meaningless conclusions from the data at hand.

“Jerry” is a reference to Jerry Remy, one of the Red Sox announcers since forever.

Dylan Edwards Patreon

Meanwhile, work progresses on Valley of the Silk Sky, which is set to debut on January 14, 2015. Eight pages penciled, five inked, and one about halfway painted.

Once the series starts it will update regularly on Wednesdays. OR, if you are feeling generous and supportive, you’ll be able to read updates on Mondays over on my Patreon blog by pledging at least a dollar a month. Until then, $1+ pledgers get to see sneak previews of pages in progress.

So! If you can, throw some bones my way and help me keep this webcomic train a-rollin’.



PiQue, Hallowzine, Patreon, and Taxonomically Unbound

PiQue, Hallowzine, Patreon, and Taxonomically Unbound published on No Comments on PiQue, Hallowzine, Patreon, and Taxonomically Unbound

Politically InQueerect number 2

Quite a few things to talk about today! First up, I’ve put the original cover for the PiQue #2 minicomic up on Tapastic. When I would take my visibly queer minicomics to shows, I’d always get a few straight dudes who would react as though the comics would turn them gay. This cover was done to taunt those poor chaps.

The story it references may be read in its entirety, starting here.

I also put up a new piece here on Studio NDR, titled Halloween Dance Party. I originally created this for Hallowzine 2014 from

Now, about that Patreon:

Dylan Edwards Patreon

If you enjoy my comics, please consider becoming a regular supporter. It would mean a whole heckuva lot to me, and you can score some neat things: a special blog with sneak previews and works-in-progress, postcards with doodles scribbled on ’em, original comics art, and who knows? Maybe even some fancy paintings if you’re feeling flush.

Taxonomically Unbound

Finally, I’ve instituted a new comic series, more or less on a whim. It already existed in rudimentary form here, but I’m “rebranding” it, if you will, and also creating new content. The idea is to do quick, humorous comics so that not every page I create takes 20 hours.

Anyway, follow along on Tapastic, or here at Studio NDR, whichever. My current plan is to update on Fridays.

Is that everything? I think so! FOR NOW.



Hey, I have a Patreon page!

Hey, I have a Patreon page! published on No Comments on Hey, I have a Patreon page!

Dylan Edwards Patreon

So yeah, I have finally launched my Patreon page!

A lot of my artist friends are already familiar with Patreon, but possibly those of you in other fields want to know what all this is about. Basically, you pledge some dollar amount per month to support my past and ongoing comics work, and in exchange you get Neat Stuff from me. That can be anything from access to a Super Secret Work-in-Progress Blog (first post is already up, by the way!) to all sorts of original art.

This support helps me focus more of my efforts on creating new comics for your enjoyment, and allows me to publish them online for everyone to read. It also helps me continue offering free reprints of my work to marginalized and underfunded groups (for instance, I almost never charge non-profit queer/trans advocacy groups for reprinting my comics).

So! Lend some support if you can and Get Neat Stuff!



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