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New Taxonomically Unbound is sort of here

New Taxonomically Unbound is sort of here published on

EDIT: I finally managed to get it uploaded! New Taxo Unbo is on Studio NDR right here. I solved the mystery by leaving for a couple of hours, and then trying again.


So I do have a new Taxo Unbo ready, and have been able to post it to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Patreon, but for some reason the WordPress media manager absolutely, positively refuses to upload the file.

I have tried resaving the file in a couple different formats, I’ve tried renaming it, I’ve tried using a different browser: all of these generate an “HTTP error” with no additional information. I’m able to upload other image files, just not this particular one to this particular website. I am completely and totally baffled, no clue whatsoever what to try next.

Soooo, anyway. You can in point of fact read the new comic, you just gotta do it at one of these other places:

Speaking of the ol’ Patreon, I’ve been posting a few work-in-progress images from the new Valley of the Silk Sky short story. The most recent is here and is available to $1+ subscribers. I have another I’ll likely post tomorrow.

Anyhow, back to bashing my head against this website to try to figure out why I can’t upload this one image that every other website has had no problems with.



The Halloween-themed Taxonomically Unbounds are scratching at the door

The Halloween-themed Taxonomically Unbounds are scratching at the door published on

Taxonomically Unbound

All the new Taxonomically Unbounds this month are gonna be Halloweeny, so just imagine me pulling a lever in a dungeon and screaming something about Pun Goth Power to Maximum. The first ghoulish endeavor is available here:

Also, I’m hoping to get a post up tomorrow for $1+ Patrons with work-in-progress sneak previews of the new Valley of the Silk Sky short story, so if you wanna peep such a thing, drop a buck in the bucket.



New Taxonomically Unbound – Totally Unnessysary

New Taxonomically Unbound – Totally Unnessysary published on

Taxonomically Unbound: If you attempt to eliminate sea monsters, are you kraken down

The latest in the Most Worst Puns onslaught is here for your reading “pleasure”:

Starting next week, I will be inflicting a series of Halloween-themed pun comics upon you all, so brace yourselves for that.

In other news, it may interest you to learn I just finished penciling that Valley of the Silk Sky short story I’ve been working on for an upcoming anthology. Next up: inking, inking, and more inking!

That means folks who pledge $1 or more to my Patreon will soon be getting sneak previews of the work-in-progress.

And, of course, once I have more info about the Kickstarter for the anthology (which I think will be going up in November?) I will let you know.



Taxonomically Unbound – Lawn Since Desserted

Taxonomically Unbound – Lawn Since Desserted published on

Taxonomically Unbound - LAWN SINCE DESSERTED

Yes indeed, it is time once again for a new Taxonomically Unbound. It may be groaned at in any one of these fine places:

Also, in case you missed the announcement last week, don’t forget to check out Draw Out the Vote, the new website put together by Oni Press. It features comics by cartoonists from all 50 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, sharing their personal stories about why voting is important to them.

I did the comic for Colorado. There’s info for each state on how to get registered and how to vote, so be sure to give it a look and share widely!

Draw Out the Vote - Oni Press - Voting Comics



Taxonomically Unbound continues to “”delight””

Taxonomically Unbound continues to “”delight”” published on

Taxonomically Unbound - When vultures fly, do they bring carrion items.

Yes indeed, a new Taxonomically Unbound makes itself known today. It lives in these places:

I thought I was going to have another announcement today, but it has not yet been officially announced. So. I may well be posting again shortly, just waiting for a green light.

ANYway. Do carrion.



Taxonomically Unbound returns, STAPLE! approaches

Taxonomically Unbound returns, STAPLE! approaches published on

Taxonomically Unbound: If you bother everyone for basil, olive oil, and pine nuts, you might make a pesto yourself.

It’s been awhile, but I finally got around to making a bunch of new Taxonomically Unbound comics. These are my Most Worst Puns illustrated with various doodles and sketches I’ve done.

I’ll be running these weekly throughout the rest of 2018, so brace yourselves.

The first of the new batch may be seen in these places:

Meanwhile, the STAPLE! Independent Media Expo is this very weekend Sept 8-9 in Austin, Texas, you’ll find me there at table 20A with my various comics and Feeping Creatures monster art.

I will also be on a panel on Saturday, Sept. 9 in The Theater:

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM: LGBTQIA Comics Panel – Prominent & Emerging Comics Creators discuss their work and experiences in the comics industry. With Lilah Sturges, Jeremy Holt, Alex Grandstaff & Dylan Edwards. Moderated by Sarah Marloff of the Austin Chronicle.

See you this weekend, Austin!



New PiQue, Lambda Literary Comic Book Fun, and this “Twitter” thing

New PiQue, Lambda Literary Comic Book Fun, and this “Twitter” thing published on No Comments on New PiQue, Lambda Literary Comic Book Fun, and this “Twitter” thing

politically inqueerect Archer

New episode of Politically InQueerect is up on Tapastic, in which Archer cannot unsee what he has seen, cannot unsmell what he has smelled.

Only two more pages to go, and then the story shall be complete! At which point, I expect I’ll revert to single pagers and more laff-oriented stuff for a bit. I’m liking this colorization, though. I really think it’s working out well for this story. I don’t think I’ll wind up colorizing absolutely every single PiQue strip, but there are many more yet that could stand to benefit from a broadening of the hues.

Lambda Literary

Since you presumably like queer comics (you do, right?), you might well be interested in this article over at Lambda Literary, in which a whole bunch of queer cartoonists (myself included!) talk about some of their favorite comics. It’s always fun to watch creators geek out, so get over there and read it, will ya.

Finally, it might interest you to learn that, at long last, I’ve figured out how I want to use Twitter, several months after creating an account and several years after basically everyone else on the planet. By which I mean, I’m actually posting there now. Follow me if you dare: @DylanNDREdwards



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