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Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10 published on No Comments on Dallas Sci-Fi Expo this weekend, February 9-10

TransTransformers Prowl

I’ll be heading up to Dallas this weekend for the Sci-Fi Expo. I’ll mostly be bringing my Feeping Creatures stuff, but I’ll also have some preview art and prints for the new comic I’m working on, a short story for QU33R (the new anthology from Robert Kirby) about kids who gender-swap their toys (you know, just in case you missed any of the several previous posts).

If you’re going to be in Dallas this weekend, swing by and check it out!

More QU33R fun – The TransTransformers Ladies

More QU33R fun – The TransTransformers Ladies published on No Comments on More QU33R fun – The TransTransformers Ladies

QU33R: TransTransformers Jazz

I’ve created a landing page for material related to my QU33R anthology story. It now includes the current version of page 1 (pencils, as of this posting), as well as my character designs for the female versions of Prowl, Jazz, and Bluestreak. While these specific images are not technically part of the story that’s going to be published in QU33R, they are are finished art pieces in their own right and I wanted to show ’em off to ya. I used these designs for the actual drawings of the three lady bots that show up in the story.

If you want to learn more about how I created these designs, click through to their individual pages and read the mass of text below the image. Oh, and you may have noticed there are little “Buy Now” buttons on there as well, just in case you are so smitten by the girl incarnations of Prowl, Jazz, and Bluestreak, you feel yourself needing to own a print of them.

Next week I’ll be tabling at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo with my Feeping Creatures menagerie, but I’ll also have the TransTransformers prints with me. So if you are going to be in Dallas, you might stop by and peep them in person.



TransTransformers pencils, Anti-Valentines, and whatnot

TransTransformers pencils, Anti-Valentines, and whatnot published on No Comments on TransTransformers pencils, Anti-Valentines, and whatnot

I’ll get the shilling out of the way first; you see, I’ve set up a Zazzle store (with my feep hat, natch), and I have placed within a couple of my anti-valentine’s day cards. This means you can, like, give me money for them if you want. I’m only a few years late in getting around to doing this, so hopefully someone out there still wants to buy these things from me. Anyway, click on this button to go straight to the cards:

Buy on Zazzle

Next up, the reason you’re probably actually here, which is a peek at a sample page from my Transformers story for Robert Kirby’s QU33R anthology. The actual title of the story is just “The Transformers,” because it works on like three different levels, but you can call it “TransTransformers” to differentiate it from the more famous users of that word. And so:

TransTransformers page 1
QU33R Transformers page 1 pencils

Next week I’ll be bringing you some more new art, to wit: the character designs I created so we can see what Prowl, Jazz, and Bluestreak look like as girls. Until then!



Two more Transposes articles

Two more Transposes articles published on No Comments on Two more Transposes articles
mustache mouse
This has nothing to do with the post. OR DOES IT.

A couple more media mentions of Transposes have come in:

Lambda Literary has a review of the book up now in their comics section, from Cathy Camper – “A major step to breaking down closet doors is to provide venues for trans* people to see themselves. Edward’s graphic novel does just that …. Edwards’ black and white comics are open and inviting, making it easy for readers to get a quick overview of many different queer FTM lives. This accessibility also makes Transposes a good resource for gender workshops or other situations where it’s helpful to easily compare different people’s life stories.”

Sequential Tart features Transposes in an article about broader trans* representation in comics, by Katie Frank – “Transposes uses different presentations for each story — a staged speech, flashbacks, a museum exhibit — to take the reader through important moments in the interviewees’ lives. This technique makes the stories both personal and relatable, and also highlights, in a lighthearted way, the weirdness of the exercise of interrogating people about the intimate details of their lives.”

Meanwhile, I’m still working away on my TransTransformers comic for QU33R. I’m thinkin’ maybe I post a preview page on Thursday, so check back in a mere couple of days!



QU33R Progress Report

QU33R Progress Report published on No Comments on QU33R Progress Report

Trans Transformers

I’m working away on pencils for my story for Robert Kirby’s QU33R anthology, due out this fall from Northwest Press. As you can see, I have contrived to tell a story about playing with Transformers as a kid, which means I get to draw quite a few of the ol’ robots for this comic. It’s actually a little difficult to find the photo references I need, believe it or not. I’ve had to resort to watching the cartoon (which was really just not very good at all, thought I still kind of love it in that important-part-of-my-childhood way) and grabbing the occasional frame. I want to use the cartoon character designs specifically (as opposed to the comic book Transformers, or the box art for the toys) because that’s what most informed my impression of what the characters were supposed to look like. Also, the art style fits well with my own cartooning style.

I do all of the penciling by hand, even though I’m pretty sure that proves I’m insane. So, for example, I need to repeat that drawing of Prowl on the left, so I copy him onto vellum, position the copy where I want it, then transfer it using erasable, non-photo blue carbon paper. Why do I do this instead of just making a duplicate layer in Photoshop like a normal person? Because I want each page to be a finished work of art in its own right, and that means keeping digital manipulations to a minimum.

Tune in next week for a glimpse at a (readable) sample page, and after that I have some character design work to show off. In other words, I’m talkin’ about regular posting for awhile. Cue dramatic music!



New art and comics, if you can believe it.

New art and comics, if you can believe it. published on No Comments on New art and comics, if you can believe it.

Yes, I’m finally uploading some new content to the site. There were some, eh, technical difficulties preventing me from doing so, but I think they’ve been sorted out now. (Oh, technology, you are such a fickle helper.) If you’re subscribed to the RSS feed, I apologize for any spamming that may have occurred as I edited and deleted and futzed and posted again. Anyway, on to the new goods. Just click the images to embiggen.

First of all, the new Politically InQueerect comic that made its debut in Rocksalt Magazine:

Politically InQueerect - The Cleaner

Next up, an illustration I did for Bent-Con‘s 2012 art show. This is my interpretation of one of their Bentling mascots:

Skull Bentling by Dylan Edwards

I will have even more new art for you soon. To wit, some previews of the work I’m doing for Robert Kirby’s QU33R anthology. Please do try to contain yourself in the interim.



Transposes now available at Book People in Austin

Transposes now available at Book People in Austin published on No Comments on Transposes now available at Book People in Austin

Book People

I just handed Book People a bunch of consignment copies of Transposes, so you should now be able to roll on into the store and buy yourself a copy (if you’re in Austin, that is). You’ll find it shelved with graphic novels, and possibly also LGBT studies, but probably graphic novels is your best bet. So, if you have a hankerin’ to support indie bookstores and indie authors, go throw some money at them!

New Politically InQueerect strip! QU33R anthology!

New Politically InQueerect strip! QU33R anthology! published on No Comments on New Politically InQueerect strip! QU33R anthology!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I drew up an all-new Politically InQueerect strip for Rocksalt Magazine, and it’s now available online for your reading pleasure. I will eventually make the strip available here with all the other PIQue stuff, but if you cannot wait and must have it now, point your cursors and your eyeballs at that link.

At the moment I’m working on a short story for Robert Kirby’s new anthology, QU33R, which he talks about in a bit more detail on his blog. The story will be exclusive to the anthology, but over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some concept art and character designs here for your edification. More on that soon!

KPFT Houston interview

KPFT Houston interview published on No Comments on KPFT Houston interview

I was recently interviewed on Houston radio station KPFT’s Queer Voices program. We chatted about comics in general and Transposes in particular. It’s up on their website (the December 17 show) for the next couple of weeks; after that, I guess I have to figure out how to host it on here somehow. Anyway, you’ll find me right around the 53:28 mark.

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