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PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

PiQue ends, VoSS begins! published on No Comments on PiQue ends, VoSS begins!

Politically InQueerect Todd hairy chest

Lots of stuff to run through today! This is the last Politically InQueerect post for awhile, but it does feature Todd’s hairy chest, so you can’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

I will obviously babble more about PiQue once the Old Ghosts book is out, but for the foreseeable future my comic energies are bent (har har) towards …

Valley of the Silk Sky p1 bird

Valley of the Silk Sky, which officially debuts today! You have several choices for where to read this series:

  • On the Valley of the Silk Sky website, which is convenient if you’re a Tumblr user. This is also where you’ll go for further VoSS fun like character info, worldbuilding details, publication info, and so forth.
  • I’m also running it on Tapastic for the convenience of people who were already following PiQue over there.
  • And yes, I’m publishing it here on Studio NDR as well.

So! Pick yer favorite, and follow along!



The last of the PiQues, the start of something new

The last of the PiQues, the start of something new published on No Comments on The last of the PiQues, the start of something new

The second half of Politically InQueerect’s storyline “Typical” is now up on Tapastic!

Lookit that old CRT monitor. And the excitement over receiving email rather than a sigh of relief over an empty inbox. How times have changed …

… speaking of changing times, that’s about it for PiQue. I do believe I’ve gone through all the old comics at this point. Next week I expect I’ll do a post of random art and sketches and whatnot, stuff you might not have seen. And then the mantle of “comic I am focusing on” will pass to Valley of the Silk Sky, which debuts next week on Wednesday, January 14. Or on Monday, January 12 for my $1+ Patrons.

Interestingly, Politically InQueerect is 15 years old this month. This first comic I ever did for that series was published on my website back in January 2000. 100 pages of comics in 15 years is not a great showing, truth be told. But VoSS already has 27 pages done or penciled before its release, so I think this one will stick a bit better. :)

Sci-fi/fantasy has always really been where my heart is, and over the years it’s gotten harder and harder for me to feel motivated to write about the real world. Like, why do I want to spend my time living vicariously in a workaday office world when I don’t even want to live that in real life? Ya know?

So I’m off to have queer adventures in made-up worlds. Hopefully you’ll stick around for that, but if not, thanks for reading!



PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS

PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS published on No Comments on PiQue, Taxo Unbo, and VoSS

Politically InQueerect Archer

Oscar Wilde and Marquess of Queensberry

Misspent Youth


So yeah, I guess I just flat out spaced on updating here? It’s all reruns anyway; I figured it being the holidays basically no one would be paying attention.

NEVERTHELESS, here’s what I’ve posted on Tapastic and Tumblr since last time: Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! Part 5 of 5, Taxonomically Unbound: The Wilde Adventures of Oscar Wilde, and Taxonomically UnBound: Misspent Youth.

A big part of the cause for my distraction (besides the requisite holiday season madness) has been working on getting Valley of the Silk Sky ready for the January 14 debut. That means finishing pages for the buffer (two done so far, about a third of the way through coloring page 3), and making the website usable.

I installed a new theme on the VoSS site that’s more webcomic-friendly, but that does mean I basically have to redo a bunch of the design. So yeah. DISTRACTIONS. And I want to get a little more content up before the comic actually starts. Will that happen? Why knows? Getting pages done is the main priority.

Anyway, sorry for being a rerun-posting flake, but new stuff is headed your way in just over two weeks!



The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news

The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news published on No Comments on The latest PiQue on Tapastic, and Silk Sky news

Politically InQueerect Outfield Dee Rand

Politically InQueerect: Play Ball! part 3 of 5 is now up on Tapastic. This comic originally ran as The Outfield #33 back in the day.

We know Todd & Archer get off on conflict, so it’s no big surprise that a core source of contention for them is the ol’ Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry.

It does beg the question of whether or not Archer chants “Yankees suck” when they’re having sex.

Valley of the Silk Sky Razi pencils

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away on my brand new webcomic, Valley of the Silk Sky, which is scheduled to start on January 14. I’ve got 8 pages of the first book penciled so far. In order to have some of those pages actually, you know, finished in time for a Jan 14 start, I’ve switched over to inking for a bit.

And, of course, there’s the 16-page Silk Sky short story that will be in Beyond. When does Beyond come out, you might be wondering? And the answer is, I don’t know the actual date yet, but it will be early in 2015.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the queer comics world lately about the dearth of stories available to queer youth that are about something other than coming out angst. Not that works dealing with coming out aren’t important, but maybe fun adventures are also important, ya know?

So my intent with Silk Sky is to keep it in the YA range. That’s part of why it’s getting its own website, but also because it’s such a big world with a lot of characters and environments and creatures and whatnot, it’ll just be easier to digest if it has its own space.

I may redesign said space once more before I officially launch, but anyway, that’s what the deal is with that.



Valley of the Silk Sky – new comic is comin’ atcha

Valley of the Silk Sky – new comic is comin’ atcha published on No Comments on Valley of the Silk Sky – new comic is comin’ atcha

Valley of the Silk Sky Tavaly Juharfa

I’ve been working away on the script for my new sci-fi comic series, Valley of the Silk Sky, which you will have already heard me talk about regarding my comic for Beyond. I decided it needed to have its own website, since it is big and sprawling, and trying to cram all of that nerdity in here would just be confusing. SO. If you want to keep up on what’s going on, please follow along on the Valley of the Silk Sky tumblr website.

I will probably (?) also post finished comic pages here? But things like concept art, worldbuilding details, etc. will live over there. So.

The plan is to start publishing the first story arc of the new comic in January 2015. More on that as things develop!



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