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Comikaze Expo this weekend (Sept. 15-16)

Comikaze Expo this weekend (Sept. 15-16) published on No Comments on Comikaze Expo this weekend (Sept. 15-16)

Gonna be in Los Angeles, California this weekend at Comikaze Expo, booth #1638 (listed as Studio NDR). I won’t have copies of the book yet, but I did find a secret stash of the Transposes preview book I made. It features the pencils for Adam’s chapter, a little treat for all you process junkies. These are almost all gone, so come grab one if you’re going to be at the show!

No Straight Lines is here!

No Straight Lines is here! published on No Comments on No Straight Lines is here!
With this contributor copy I shall rule the world

I just got my contributor copy in the mail, and as you can see I am somewhat enthused by this turn of events.

This is, in case you don’t know, a giant hardcover tome, published by Fantagraphics, that surveys the last 40 years of queer comics and presents unto us a selection thereof. I’m quite excited to have three of my cartoons included (one Outfield, two Trannytoons).

The book includes work by a number of utterly delightful comic peeps. You can see the full roster, read some excerpts, and maybe buy? said book from the Fantagraphics website. Hopefully your local bookstore is awesome enough to have No Straight Lines in stock, but if not, well, the internets are here to help you out.

Service Advisory

Service Advisory published on No Comments on Service Advisory

As I said, this place is not 100% finished. I am still puttering around behind the scenes, trying to fix up this and that, cosmetically improve thus and such. Occasionally my “fixes” are spectacularly awry and I break something, or everything. Did you know if you select a different permalink structure from the one you built the site with, the whole thing goes into the toilet? And if you try to edit the .htaccess file when you have no idea what you’re doing and don’t even really know what an .htaccess file is, the whole thing takes the toilet with it on its way down?

I guess my point is, bear with me. Hopefully any major breakages will be repaired in short order. But if something seems broken for days on end, let me know as I may not have noticed I’d knocked it over.

Also, believe it or not, I’m actually working on some new art. It’s for a Thing, so I have to find out if I can post it here before the Thing. And in a mere two weeks it’ll be time for Comikaze Expo, at which I will (I hope!) have copies of Transposes officially for sale. More deets, obviously, as the date approaches.

Welcome to the new Studio NDR

Welcome to the new Studio NDR published on No Comments on Welcome to the new Studio NDR

If you’ve been here before, you might have noticed one or two changes. If you’re stopping by for the first time, howdy!

Anyway, yes, I have redesigned my website for the first time in about, uh, six years. The last incarnation was hand-coded HTML, so this new deal with the WordPress and the themes and the widgets is all, like, fancy and stuff. There are various minor cosmetic improvements I’d like to make, but most of the content and functionality should be in place.

So feel free to have a look around, even if you’re relatively familiar with the content that was already here. In quite a few cases I’ve gone back to the original, hi-res image files of the comics and art to create bigger, easier-to-read incarnations.

This site represents 12 years worth of comics, so hopefully even if you’ve read it all before you’ll rediscover something you’d forgotten about.



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